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Jackalopes in February: Here We Go!

Welcome to the second edition of El Paso Rugby’s Monthly Newsletter!

Where we keep you updated on all things Jackalope. We’re excited to have you along for the journey! Check out what we've been up to in February.

Jackalopes Blooming

Boat Race at Try It Day El Paso Rugby
Boat Race at Try It Day

Those new recruits from Try It Day in January? They pretty much ALL got hooked on rugby and they have formed the foundation of El Paso Rugby. We established practices twice a week in February and got down to training.

*Karate Kid Montage* They learned how to tackle, how to set a defensive line, how to switch like a pro, and of course how to win a proper boat race. They’re eagerly

soaking up rugby and we’ve had a couple

of watch parties and even been able to

see live rugby at UTEP. We’ve got some

hard-hitting folks and we can’t wait to see

them take the pitch for the first time on

Saturday, March 5th vs the Atomic Sisters.

El Paso Rugby supporting UTEP at their matches
Goblin and Desi supporting UTEP Rugby!

Rugby is not just a sport, it’s a community.

We’ve been making memories and bonding off the pitch, as well. We basically took over a local karaoke bar, Duets, one Friday in February and indulged in drink specials and public embarrassment. Because trauma bonding is still bonding, damnit.

The Jackalopes continue to frequent a local brewery, Craft Rhythm and Brews, after Thursday practices. After Sunday practices, we’ve been enjoying the outdoor patio, buckets of beers, and bomb fries at Texas Street Cantina Grill. We may have found a sponsor bar there – more to come on that front in the next newsletter!

It's Raining Men

Men playing rugby in El Paso Texas, El Paso Rugby
Fotu Malaefono brining the intensity.

Well, not yet exactly. We have a solid group of men contributing to our high intensity practices and to our Jackalope family. We’d love to field a 7s team soon. They’re great and if you know any great men just waiting to find rugby in El Paso, please send them our way!

Food Bank Volunteering

El Paso Rugby volunteering at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger
Jackalopes giving back to our community.

For the second month in a row your friendly neighborhood Jackalopes volunteered at the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. A new crew this time with their practice-worn muscles helped to unpack, shelve, and distribute food to fellow El Pasoans. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding afternoon, consider signing up with the food bank for a few hours! A parenting tactic? A unique date idea perhaps?

On the Ice with the El Paso Rhinos

El Paso Rugby was invited to cheer on the Rhinos at their home game on February 26th as part of their series recognizing incredible women in the community. The Jackalopes came in full force with our home-made jerseys (thanks, Thania Sierra!) and even got in on the fun games between periods.

Musical chairs champ goes to our team Hooker, Desiree Avalos, and the sled pull goes to our mens side player, Jonathan Regan, and team full back, Vic Torres! The Rhinos recognized Arilene Hernandez as the Guest of the Game in the second period. The crowd roared as she took the ice to meet Evan Miles and receive a signed game puck. It was all a good time and we'd definitely recommend checking out a game! Look, another date idea.

Look Ahead: Member Access Only

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