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Jackalopes in March: ABQ and Men Too

Welcome to the third edition of El Paso Rugby’s Monthly Newsletter!

Where we keep you updated on all things El Paso Rugby. We’re excited to have you along for the journey! Check out what we got up to in March.

El Paso Rugby’s 1st Match: Thanks to The Atomic Sisters

El Paso Rugby's Inaugural Match vs Atomic Sisters in ABQ

El Paso Rugby traveled to Albuquerque for the club’s first ever match on Saturday, March 5th. It was a perfect rugby day – warm with a light breeze and sun-sparing clouds. We traveled with a pack of 14 able-bodied players, including two ruggers whoring on to fill out our roster (thanks Gussie Maguire and Brianna Mendoza!). The Atomic Sisters graciously lent us players and were welcoming hosts offering competitive play while allowing for teaching moments on the pitch. The W went to The Atomic Sisters with a final score of 7 - 28.

For 7 of our players this was their very first rugby match – and they all did so well!

The squad after a great match!

Our three founders couldn’t be prouder to call them all teammates. Roll call of El Paso Rugby players in the club’s inaugural match: Jollen Gutierrez (1), Desiree Avalos (2), Laura Vazquez (3), Alie Brewer (4), Bianca Ochoa (5), Susan Lackey (6), Natalie Fiallos (7), Kerry Maguire (9), Alina Spera (10), Arilene Hernandez (12), Alejandra Barrientes (14), Victoria Torres (15).

We traveled with quite the deep fan group! Taking up our whole side line and cheering even when they weren’t sure what was going on. You all pushed us further and we really appreciate the support!

Goblin (L), Jax (Middle), "Peggy"(R)

El Paso Rugby definitely showed up in force at the social. Congratulations to Natalie “Goblin” Fiallos and Alina “Peggy” Spera who were recognized as the Forward and Back of the Match, respectively, for their high impact play. The boat race went to the Jackalopes and then rugby songs soon began. The new ruggers were shooketh by the explicit content of rugby songs such as Jesus Can’t Play Rugby, Yogi Bear, Days of the Week, Chicago, and Shit Damn - and yet also eager to jump in with verses of their own.

We can’t wait for more perfect rugby weekends with this crew!

Executive Board Elections & Men’s Team Formation

El Paso Rugby's Joint Executive Board

We had a Special General Meeting to elect executive board officers and officially form a men’s side. We now have many enthusiastic officers stepping into important roles for the club. We’re excited to see the club continue to grow and these individuals develop as its first leadership group.

Roll call of El Paso Rugby executive board members: Presidents (Susan Lackey & Fotu Malaefono), Vice Presidents (Kerry Maguire & Jonathan Regan), Treasurers (Arilene Hernandez & Aaron Johnson), Recruiting Chair (Natalie Fiallos), Social Media Chair (Bianca Ochoa & Nehemiah Chandler), Social Chair (Jollen Gutierrez), Match Secretary (Alina Spera), Operations Chair (Victoria Torres), Ombudsperson (Natalie Martell), Forwards Captains (Desiree Avalos & Jonathan Regan), and Backs Captains (Alina Spera & Nehemiah Chandler).

Volunteering with Rescue Runners

Post Mutt Mile Walk

In March, El Paso Rugby volunteered with Rescue Runners to take some loving shelter dogs out on walks. The dogs (and our ruggers) relished in the exercise and fresh air. It was hard not to fall in love and adopt some of those pups right on the spot.

Since becoming a no-kill shelter, the number of dogs they have has ballooned and they’re always looking for help with them. You can sign up on their website and walk dogs during one of their Sunday Rescue Runs. There are many other ways to get involved and help the puppers, including considering opening your home to adopting.

Fun in the Sun with UTEP Women’s Rugby

UTEP women’s team cordially invited El Paso Rugby to come play with them on one fine Saturday in March. We accepted gladly and donned our finest attire, sunscreen.

We mixed teams with the UTEP women, our women and our men and played touch 7s until we were all out of energy. We got some great runs and some all-out laughs in the midday sun together. We’ve got plans for a more formal match up in April – stay tuned!

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